Product presentation

String Magnets


The Innovar Innomag® is the strongest string magnet on the market.

“Wellbore debris is blamed for a third of all failed completions, effectively depressing your bottom line through remedial work over trips, downhole equipment failure, not to mention the risk of a plugged or otherwise damaged formation crippling production”
(source: Weatherford)

The use of strong magnets for fishing out pieces of metal lost in the hole has proven to be a quick and relatively inexpensive method for debris removal. The last few years, the use of magnets as an integral part of a completion string has proven to increase the success of virtually any completion run. The safety enhancement of removing metallic debris is obvious and in particular when it comes to removing metallic debris from the BOP and marine riser.

The Innovar Innomag® string magnets can be used to retrieve debris with magnetic properties. With its large magnetic area, consisting of the Innovar magnet technology, and the magnetic field directed out towards the casing and well cavities the Innomag® has an extreme magnetic range. The magnetic area is covered in stainless steel to make maintenance and cleaning easy. Equipped with large fluid bypass and rotating stabilizers and magnet sleeve reduces wear of the magnet and casing, which increases the effectiveness of the debris removal.

Multiple Innomag's can be run sequentially on one string to remove debris in one go reducing the need for multiple runs.

The Innomag® has several areas of application, it can be run prior to running Completions to clean the packer setting are, when doing a washing or circulation run or after milling when cleaning up.


Features & Benefits

  • Large magnetic area, magnets covered in stainless steel to make maintenance and cleaning easy
  • Magnetic field directed out towards casing and well cavities
  • Extreme magnet range, due to the large magnet mass
  • Large fluid bypass
  • Rotating stabilizers and magnet sleeve reduces wear of the magnets and casing, increases effectiveness of debris removal
  • Available for 7”,  9 5/8”, 10 ¾” & 13 3/8” csg.


  • Prior to running Completions to clean the packer setting area
  • Prior to running bridge plug to clean the packer setting are
  • Run as part of the drill string
  • When doing a washing or circulation run
  • After milling when cleaning up