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BOP cleaning assembly

WirlTool, BOP Magnets & Magnum fishing magnet

The Innovar WirlTool® combined with the powerful Innovar Innomag® and the Magnum Fishing Magnet® ensures the most efficient Blow Out Preventer (BOP) cleanout.

With the use of this bottom-hole assembly for BOP cleaning, you will minimize the risk of water cutting the BOP sealing elements as opposed to traditional jetting. The Innovar BOP cleaning assembly assures efficient removal of shavings and debris from the BOP and Riser. It prevents expensive and time-consuming maintenance of the BOP on the surface, it reduces spill of mud on deck when the riser is laid down and it reduces the risk of BOP problems during operations caused by shavings.


Cleaning of debris from the BOP and marine riser
  • Prior to pressure testing
  • After milling jobs
  • Prior to pulling the BOP


  • Quick and effective BOP cleaning
  • Minimized risk of water cutting the BOP sealing elements
  • Reduced spill of mud on deck
  • Reduced risk of BOP problems during operation caused by shavings
  • Prevent expensive and time-consuming maintenance of BOP on surface


Innomag® BOP Magnet
  • Innovar magnet technology
  • Drill pipe connections
  • Large flow by area
  • WirlTool Circulation Ports
  • Drill pipe connections
Magnum Fishing Magnet®
  • Innovar laser focus magnet technology
  • Drill pipe connection
  • Up to 2800 kg lifting capacity
bop assembly

Flat Bottom Fishing Magnets

12,10" Magnum Fishing Magnet®

8,30" Magnum Fishing Magnet®
Models FM 135L & FM 128L
fm 135l

BOP Cleaning Tool

13 3/8" WirlTool®, Circulating Tool

Model WT 100
wt100 wirl

String Magnet

13 3/8" Innomag® BOP Magnet

Model BM 103
bm 103 magnet

Video of the Innovar BOP Cleaning Assembly


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