Product presentation


Coiled tubing string magnets

Innovar laser focused magnet technology
Maximum magnetic force against the pipe wall

The Innomag® CT string magnet is a high capacity wellbore clean-up tool, especially designed for coiled tubing applications. It is capable of removing large amounts of ferrous debris that cannot be circulated out. With no moving parts and the Innovar Laser Focus magnet technology, it is the optimal tool for all CT clean-out operations.

Features & Benefits

  • Remove ferrous debris unable to be circulated out
  • Excellent cleaning capabilities due to extreme magnet range
  • Multiple Innomag CT on one string decrease number of runs
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Laser focused magnetic field directed out towards casing and well cavities
  • Stabilizers sleeves locked in place using patent pending technology
  • Large fluid bypass
  • No moving parts
  • No internal bearings or wear parts
  • Full 360° stabilization
  • Low maintenance
  • Magnet elements integrated in the tool
  • Large magnetic area, magnets covered in stainless steel to make cleaning easy
  • Available in size 2,75” OD
  • Soon available in size 1,90” OD


  • Coiled tubing wellbore clean-up operations
  • Milling operations
  • Available with x-over for wireline
    - Clean-out and fishing operations