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Flat bottom Fishing Magnets for pipe & wireline

Magnum Fishing Magnet® & Magnum X Fishing Magnet®

The strongest fishing magnets available on the market with a lifting capacity of up to 2800 kg.

The Innovar magnum fishing magnets can be used to retrieve debris with magnetic properties. It can be used as a fishing magnet or in advance to remove debris that could adversely affect a tool's performance.

The Magnum Fishing Magnet® is constructed with one large laser focused magnet element. The Innovar laser focus technology centers the magnetic field down towards the fish, ensuring that all the energy is used to catch the lost object. There is also no disturbing magnetic field towards the pipe wall.

With the use of one large magnet element, compared to other fishing magnets with several small elements, Innovar ensures a greater lifting capacity. With a lifting capacity of up to 2800 kg and a working temperature of 160 C. 

The Magnum Fishing Magnet® is also built as one piece to prevent the tool from failing, and it's also equipped with circulation ports for the drill pipe and coiled tubing magnum magnets. 
FM 135L 12,10- Magnum Fishing Magnet

Features & Benefits

  • For drill pipe, wireline & coiled tubing
  • Magnum magnets are available in most casing/hole sizes.
  • Flat bottom magnet
  • Innovar laser focus magnet technology
    • The magnetic field focussed towards the fish ensuring all energy used to catch the lost object
    • No disturbing magnetic field towards pipe wall
  • Designed to pick-up larger items
  • One piece rugged construction
  • Different sizes from 1,25” up to 12,10” OD
  • Up to 2800 kg lifting capacity


  • For drill pipe, wireline and coiled tubing
  • Can be used to retrieve debris with magnetic properties
    • Broken drill bit
    • Broken centralizers
    • Lost drill bit cones
    • Broken fishing grapples
    • Lost cable clamps
    • Dropped objects: Tong die, pipe wrench
  • Can be run as a fishing magnet or in advance, to remove debris that could adversely affect a tool's performance.

Video of the FM128 8,3" Magnum Fishing Magnet®

FM 102 4,40- Magnum Fishing Magnet For Wireline
FM 113 2,30- Magnum Fishing Magnet for Coiled Tubing





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