Product presentation

Junk Bailer

Jet Bailer®

Patented Solution

The Innovar Jet Bailer® is an excellent wire line operated tool used for fishing objects and debris, particular non-magnetic.

The principle of the Jet Bailer® is to jet and suck in one simultaneous and extremely powerful operation. The tool is driven by the hydrostatic well pressure and activated by added pressure from the surface or mechanical force exerted by the wireline tool string.

The Jet Bailer® is superior to other types of bailers because it generates an extreme jetting force that agitates and loosen objects and debris below the tool. Simultaneously the expelled fluid is sucked back into a fishing chamber together with the debris.

As the tool also ejects fluid, it minimizes the risk of getting hydraulically stuck.


Features & Benefits

  • Achieve hydraulic functions on wireline and fast operations.
  • Easy to reassemble, continuous operation
  • Activation by hydraulic pressure, mechanical activation or jarring, not dependent on plugged well.
  • As the tool also ejects fluid, it minimizes the risk of being hydraulically stuck.


Loosen & retrieve
  • Rubber parts
  • Stainless steel parts
  • Sand
  • Settled mud/proppants
  • Stuck debris

Animation of the Jet Bailer®