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Ditch Magnets

Magnetic Mud Filter - MMF®

Patented Solution

The leading ditch magnet on the market, with its extremely powerful magnets and easy to use filter bags the Innovar Magnetic Mud Filter ensures accurate control of metal return as well as excellent HSE.

The Innovar MMF® is designed to remove any steel particles from the fluid system. Better HSE is achieved by not having to remove/lift the ditch magnet from the flow line for cleaning. Instead, the MMF® uses easily exchangeable filter bags.

Innovar has tailor-made 53 MMFs to various rigs and platforms around the world. With the Innovar magnet technology and the use of filter bags, the MMF® is the strongest and safest ditch magnet on the market.

This improved and redeveloped ditch magnet is designed to remove any steel particles from the fluid system. This will ensure optimal efficiency of the ditch magnet and decrease pump wear as well as wear on downhole equipment. 

Modular MMF®

Based on the principles of the existing Innovar Magnetic Mud Filter (MMF®) we have now developed a modular version of this popular ditch magnet, the Innovar Modular Magnetic Mud Filter. By combining multiple sections into a specific geometry this new and superior ditch magnet will be available for all ditch sizes.
By offering a modular version of our existing ditch magnet, we will be able to reduce production cost and delivery time for our customers. It will no longer be necessary to customize each ditch magnet according to each flow line. The modular version is available with a magnetic rod height of 28 cm, other heights can be manufactured on request.
Modular Magnetic Mud Filter

Features & Benefits

  • All stainless steel
  • Innovar magnet technology using rare-earth magnets
  • Light weight modules
  • Available with magnetic rod heights of 28 cm, 41 cm and 53 cm
  • Decreases wear of rig equipment
  • Safe, easy and quick cleaning of magnets
  • No need to remove/lift the magnet for cleaning
    • No heavy lifts
  • Accurate control of metal returns
  • Quick installation in flow line
  • Fits all flow lines
  • Excellent HSE


  • Wellbore cleaning
  • BOP and Marine riser cleaning
  • Milling operations
  • Drilling operations

Filter Bags

The use of filter bags has proven to be very successful and popular among the rig crew and it improves the way of logging and reporting casing wear.

No heavy lifts are required when cleaning the MMF® as the filter bags eliminates the need to remove/lift the magnet from the flow line. Simply pull the handling frame and the filter bag of the magnetic rod, replace the used filter bag with a new filter bag and place it back onto the magnetic rod. The cleaning procedure is safe, easy and completed in less than 1 minute! 

Please take a look at the animation at the bottom for an introduction to the Innovar MMF® and the use of filter bags.

Animation of the Innovar MMF® and the use of filter bags