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Self Aligment Innobristle™

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Control Line Clamp

CableSafe® - product under development

This new control line clamp represents a step change in avoidance of fishing jobs while running complex completions with thousands of meters with cables and control lines.

  • Documented weaknesses with traditional clamps have been addressed
  • No moving parts along tubing direction, securing the stability when exposed to the extreme forces of a moving rig
  • The clamp acts as an integrated part of the collar and it is pre-tensioned against the tubing collar shoulders
  • No elastic squeeze against the plastic encapsulation after the assembly, eliminating loosening risk caused by impact or temperature changes
  • Fully qualified according to the Statoil TR2385 requirements
  • Available for all casing and tubing sizes
  • Accepts multiple cable combinations.

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Self Aligment Innobristle™