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Completion liner drift and cleaning tool

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The Innovar InnoBristle®

Based on the InnoBristle® technology Innovar has developed a superior liner brush for cleaning and drifting ahead of the completion string.

The Innovar InnoBristle® is designed to be the largest item run in hole, ensuring any vulnerable items like the production packer, does not hang up or get damaged should a restriction exist in the hole.

In order to optimize the ability to run the large OD drift in the hole, a series of powerful magnets has been placed in the nose part, just ahead of the drift OD. These magnets are designed to pick up any small steel debris that otherwise could cause the drift to go stuck. The Innobristle® is equipped with a steel brush that will optimize the liner condition just ahead of your sensitive down hole components.


Features and benefits:
  • Prevents packer preset
  • Drift the casing just ahead of the packer
  • As strong as your tubing
  • Superior unrestricted fluid by-pass
  • Can be equipped with a plugged top sub
  • Bottom collar with magnets to pick-up metal debris
  • The brush provides maximum cleaning of the liner
  • Self aligning mule shoe to overcome restrictions/shoulders

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