Control Line Clamp

This new control line clamp represents a step change in avoidance of fishing jobs while running complex completions with thousands of meters with cables and control lines.
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Flat Bottom Fishing Magnets

The strongest fishing magnets available on the market with a lifting capacity of up to 2800 kg. The Innovar magnum fishing magnets can be used to retrieve debris with magnetic properties.
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X Wing Fishing Magnets

The X Wing® magnet is a perfect wireline tool for removal of ferrous debris in the tool run area or plug setting area.
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String Magnets

The use of strong magnets for fishing out pieces of metal lost in the hole has proven to be a quick and relatively inexpensive method for debris removal.
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String Magnets - Heavy Duty

Innovar laser focused magnet technology. Maximum magnetic force against the pipe wall. The Innomag® CT string magnet is a high capacity wellbore clean-up tool, especially designed for coiled tubing applications.
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String Magnets - Heavy Duty 4X

Extra long high capacity heavy duty string magnet
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String Magnets - Coiled Tubing

The heavy-duty Innovar Innomag® string magnet is a wellbore clean-up tool especially designed for casing exits and milling operations.
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BOP Cleaning Tool

The WirlTool® creates a powerful circular flow pattern that establishes a vortex that draws/pulls debris out from the Blow Out Preventer (BOP) cavities and crevices.
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BOP Cleaning Assembly

The Innovar WirlTool® combined with the powerful Innovar Innomag® and the Magnum Fishing Magnet® ensures the most efficient Blow Out Preventer (BOP) cleanout.
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