The 5,75" Fishing Magnum Magnet® shielded for helicopter transportation

Innovar Solutions AS now offer the 5,75" Fishing Magnum Magnet® shielded for helicopter transport and under the weight limit of 60kg

Offshore Helicopter Safety

Over the last few years, several new rules and regulations have been implemented in regards to offshore helicopter transportation to improve the general safety. We at Innovar Solutions AS have safety as our highest priority when it comes to air traffic transport of products considered dangerous material. Magnetic material being one of these items considered dangerous material. This is why we have developed a new form of shielding for our magnets.
The 5,75" Fishing Magnum Magnet® shielded for helicopter transportation
Photo credit: Offshore Energy Today

Magnetic Shielding

With our new technology of magnetic shielding, we have been able to shield one of our most powerful magnets, namely the FM 116L a 5,75” Fishing Magnum Magnet®, for offshore helicopter transportation. Not only have we been able to shield this powerful magnet, we have also kept the total weight of the magnet and shielding combined under the 60kg limit used by some oil companies and helicopter operators.


  • Quick mobilization
  • Reduce time waiting for equipment
  • Cost efficient

The FM 116L 5,75" Magnum Fishing Magnet

  • A 5,75” Magnum Fishing Magnet®
  • Model FM 116L
  • Lifting capacity: 700kg
  • For drill pipe
  • NC 38 box connection
  • Total weight with magnet & shielding: 58kg


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