New Product Launch - the CableSafe®

The new generation of control line clamp technology

The CableSafe®

We at Innovar Solutions AS are very excited to launch our latest product called the CableSafe®. This new control line clamp represents a step change in avoidance of fishing jobs while running complex completions with thousands of meters with cables and control lines. 


Photo credit: Innovar Solutions AS

The CableSafe® Design

The CableSafe® is designed to withstand 200MT push/pull and severe vibrations downhole. Documented weaknesses with traditional clamps have been addressed with this innovative new design. There are no moving parts along the tubing direction, which secures the stability when the CableSafe® is exposed to the extreme forces of a moving rig. The design makes the clamp act as an integrated part of the collar and it is pre-tensioned against the tubing collar shoulders. Designed for maximum protection and easy installation. There is also no elastic squeeze against the plastic encapsulation after the assembly of the CableSafe®, which eliminates the risk of loosening caused by impact or temperature changes.

It is available for all casing and tubing sizes and it accepts multiple cable combinations.

Photo credit: Innovar Solutions AS

Statoil TR2385 Qualified

The CableSafe® is fully qualified according to the Statoil TR2385 requirements.

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Design Targets:
  • Secure the cables
  • Minimalize the risk of fishing jobs
  • Avoid weak points like hinges and exposed bolts
  • Achieve effective operation on the rig
  • Designed with the possibility of automatic mounting in mind
  • Available for all casing & tubing sizes
  • Accepts multiple cable combinations

Fastening Mechanism
  • Secured to the collar
  • No band or a clamp around the collar
  • Nord-Lock disc's for locking the bolts
  • Nut locked in a hexagonal groove

  • Help eliminate costly fishing operations
  • Quick and easy assembly

  • Fully qualified according to Statoil TR2385