Innovar Solutions Superior Ditch Magnet - the MMF®

The Innovar Solutions Magnetic Mud Filter for removal of steel particles
Location: Sola, Norway
Based on the Innovar magnet technology, we have developed a new and superior ditch magnet, MMF®, for removal of steel particles.
The Innovar ditch magnet - MMF® is an improved and redeveloped ditch magnet designed to ensure better HSE and rig economy.
The Innovar MMF® is designed to remove any steel particles from the fluid system. Better HSE is achived by not having to extract the ditch magnet from the flowline for cleaning, but uses easily exchangable filter bags.

The ditch magnet is specialy designed for each flowline. This will ensure optimal efficiency of the ditch magnet. This will decrease wear of rig as well as surface and down hole equipment. The ditch magnet - MMF® improves the way of logging and reporting of casing wear through the use of the filter bags.

"Simply common sense"
Features and benefits of the ditch magnet - MMF®
  • Remove steel particles
  • Decrease wear of rig equipment
  • Safe and easy cleaning of magnets
  • No heavy lifts when cleaning is required
  • Accurate control of metal returns
  • Quick installation in flow line
  • Tailored design to rigs flow line
  • Better HSE