Innovar Solutions Fishing & Wellbore Cleaning Equipment - ADIPEC 2017

Innovar has a stand at the Norwegian Pavillion at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference. STAND 9133
Location: Abu Dhabi, The United Arab Emirates
Learn more about Innovar's fishing & wellbore cleaning tools at our stand 9133 in hall 9.
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For further information regarding what we have to offer, please continue to read or you can take a look at our Engineering Datasheets by clicking the link below.

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Magnum Fishing Magnet

fm 122

X-Wing Fishing Magnet

Fishing Magnets

The Innovar Fishing Magnum Magnet® and X-Wing® debris magnet are used to retrieve any type of debris with magnetic properties. 
An Innovar Magnum fishing magnet can be run both as a regular fishing magnet or as a preliminary cleaning tool.
Innovar has a range of different Magnum fishing magnets and X-Wing® debris magnets to suit most standard applications. Special fishing magnets or debris magnets can be made on request.
Innovar magnet tools are constructed with highly efficient permanent magnet elements, designed to withstand temperatures up to 170°C. The use of permanent magnet elements ensure a constant magnetic field and have no need for electricity to operate.
The Magnum magnet is built as one piece to prevent the tool from failing. Pipe and coiled tubing Magnum magnets are equipped with circulation ports.

Features and benefits:
  • The Magnum magnets are available in most casing/hole sizes.
  • The Magnum has an element with the magnetic field pointing down for fishing objects.
  • The Magnum magnets are designed to pick-up larger items.
  • One piece rugged construction
  • Different sizes from 2,3” up to 12,1” OD and 2000 kg lifting capacity.
  • Available with wireline or tubular threads depending on magnet size.



String Magnet

BOP Cleaning Assembly

The Innovar WirlTool® generates a venturi effect when the horizontal flow passes the BOP cavities, sucking out debris from these. The Innovar WirlTool® also minimize the risk of water cutting the BOP sealing elements as opposed to traditional jetting. The WirlTool® is available in sizes to clean out 6 5/8" to 18 3/4" BOP`s.

Combined with Innovar's powerful Innomag® magnets you are ensured the most efficient well cleaning assembly available. The safety enhancement of removing metallic debris is obvious and in particular when it comes to removing metallic debris from the BOP and marine riser.

String Magnet

  • Run as part of the drill string
  • During normal drilling operations
  • When doing a washing or circulation run
  • During or after milling when cleaning up
  • Large magnetic area, magnets covered in stainless steel to make maintenance and cleaning easy
  • Magnetic field directed out towards casing and well cavities
  • Extreme magnet range, due to the large magnet mass
  • Large fluid bypass
  •  Rotating stabilizers and magnet sleeve reduces wear of the magnets and casing, increases effectiveness of debris removal
  •  Available for 7”,  9 5/8”, 10 ¾” & 13 3/8” csg.


innobristle close-up


Completion Liner Drift & Cleaning Tool - The Innovar Innobristle®

Based on the InnoBristle® technology Innovar has developed a superior liner brush for cleaning and drifting ahead of the completion string.
The Innovar InnoBristle® is designed to be the largest item run in hole, ensuring any vulnerable items like the production packer, does not hang up or get damaged should a restriction exist in the hole.

In order to optimize the ability to run the large OD drift in the hole, a series of powerful magnets have been placed in the nose part, just ahead of the drift OD. These magnets are designed to pick up any small steel debris that otherwise could cause the drift to go stuck. The InnoBristle® is equipped with a steel brush that will optimize the liner condition just ahead of your sensitive downhole components.

Features and benefits:
  • Prevents packer preset
  • Drift the casing just ahead of the packer
  • As strong as your tubing
  • Superior unrestricted fluid by-pass
  • Can be equipped with a plugged top sub
  • Bottom collar with magnets to pick-up metal debris
  • The brush provides maximum cleaning of the liner
  • Self-aligning mule shoe to overcome restrictions/shoulders

Ditch Magnet - MMF

mmf close-up

Ditch Magnet - MMF

Ditch Magnet - Magnetic Mud Filter, MMF®

Based on the Innovar magnet technology, we have developed a new and superior ditch magnet, MMF®, for removal of steel particles.
The Innovar ditch magnet - MMF® is an improved and redeveloped ditch magnet designed to ensure better HSE and rig economy.
The Innovar MMF® is designed to remove any steel particles from the fluid system. Better HSE is achieved by not having to extract the ditch magnet from the flowline for cleaning but uses easily exchangeable filter bags.

The ditch magnet is specially designed for each flowline. This will ensure optimal efficiency of the ditch magnet. This will decrease wear of rig as well as surface and downhole equipment. The ditch magnet - MMF® improves the way of logging and reporting of casing wear through the use of the filter bags.

Features and benefits:
  • Removes steel particles
  • Decreases wear of rig equipment
  • Safe and easy cleaning of magnets
  • No heavy lifts when cleaning is required
  • Accurate control of metal returns
  • Quick installation in flow line
  • Tailored design to rigs flow line
  • Better HSE


Control Line Clamp - The Innovar CableSafe®

This new control line clamp represents a step change in avoidance of fishing jobs while running complex completions with thousands of meters with cables and control lines.

Features and benefits:
  • Documented weaknesses with traditional clamps have been addressed
  • No moving parts along tubing direction, securing the stability when exposed to the extreme forces of a moving rig
  • The clamp acts as an integrated part of the collar and it is pre-tensioned against the tubing collar shoulders
  • No elastic squeeze against the plastic encapsulation after the assembly, eliminating loosening risk caused by impact or temperature changes
  • Fully qualified according to the Statoil TR2385 requirements
  •  Available for all casing and tubing sizes
  • Accepts multiple cable combinations.

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