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InnoNews will contain educational pieces regarding our tools and general information about Innovar Solutions AS
Location: Sola, Norway
We at Innovar are proud to present our newest addition to our website, the InnoNews. InnoNews is our own news media, which will include case studies from the numerous jobs we participate in, educational pieces on our tools and solutions, and newsletters regarding Innovar Solutions and events we will be participating in.
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You will be able to read detailed case studies from the jobs we participate in, technical data and solutions to the different scenarios we encounter, and how our products are applied in different situations.

The site is already up and running, so if you have an interest in Innovar or fishing & wellbore cleaning, please take a look at our existing cases.

Any questions regarding our articles please feel free to contact us at


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For any questions regarding our articles please feel free to conatct us at