Wellbore Cleaning Success in Kurdistan

Ran two 2.750” OD Innomag CT String Magnets® and a 3,300-in OD Magnum Fishing Magnet to remove debris from the top of a mechanical bridge plug to be retrieved.
Location: Kurdistan

The client was to remove a mechanical bridge plug from the well with a CT run pulling tool. But large amounts of metal swarf in the well was preventing the pulling tool to latch onto the top sub. Several runs were made with a Venturi Junk Basket to remove the swarf, but with limited success. A solution was therefore required to assist with removing the metal swarf and to reduce the number of needed runs. 
magnet 1
magnet 2
The client wanted a reliable and cost-saving magnet solution to remove the metal swarf, which could also be run in tandem with a Venturi Junk Basket. Tools were required to be mobilized immediately. They were also looking for tools that could be cleaned easily at the well site and re-run if needed.

Innovar's IM 28, 2.750” OD string magnet, is an ideal tool for wellbore cleaning for Coil Tubing, Tubing or Slickline. The Innovar magnet design provides the highest strength magnet on the market, with superior recovery capabilities. The IM 28 is also designed for easy cleaning at the well site and there are no compatibility issues with a Venturi Junk Basket.

Innovar Solutions Middle East carries a full stock of tools in Kurdistan, so tools were loaded out immediately. The Innovar magnets performed extremely well, with estimates of 20 kgs. of debris recovered per run, this allowed for the plug to be removed and the objectives were met.
magnet 5
For more information regarding this job or our coiled tubing string magnets please contact Mr. Qamar uz Zaman,
Operation Manager Innovar Solutions Middle East, at qamar.zaman@innovar.no.

You can also go to our product page to read more about our CT string magnets. 

Case study:

  • Unable to remove plug from well due to metal swarf.
  • The metal swarf made it impossible for the pulling tool to latch onto the plug.
  • Tools required immediately.
  • Two IM 28 HD string magnets and one FMW 33 fishing magnet were loaded out.
  • Innovar CT string magnets ran above a Venturi Junk Basket.
  • Innovar’s string magnets met all the requirements.
  • No compatibilities issues running with the Venturi Junk Basket.
  • Innovar HD string magnet is designed for easy cleaning at wellsite so they can be re-run.
  • Quick mobilization considering Innovar has a full stock of tools in Kurdistan.
  • Removed the needed debris from the well allowing the plug to be removed.
  • Reduced the number of runs needed.
  • Substantial cost savings from reduced number of runs.