Successful Fishing Job in East Malaysia for Major Operator
3 x scraper blades and 5 x springs retrieved from well with the 8.300-in OD Magnum Fishing Magnet®
Location: East Malaysia
A major operator in East Malaysia needed to retrieve 3 scraper blades and 5 springs lost inside 9 5/8" csg. Innovar and regional partner for Southeast Asia, Asia Offshore Solutions (AOS), was contacted to deliver the 8.300-in OD Magnum Fishing Magnet®, deemed to be the best option due to size and shape of the dropped objects. The required fishing magnet was quickly mobilized and shipped by airfreight with a short time frame from Norway.

The decision to run an Innovar fishing magnet was made because of its superior magnetic force. Innovar and AOS provided a demo both in Norway and Malaysia before the job in order for the client to understand the strength and capacity of the magnet. The test was impressive, but the end result from the job is what matters!
It was also not known where in the well the 3 scraper blades would be, or if they would be in the same place. The bottom hole assembly was, therefore, run in hole to the top of the liner in 9 5/8" casing and pulled out of hole, successfully extracting 2 scraper blades and 5 springs on the first run. On the second run, the bottom hole assembly was run in hole two stands below the 9 5/8" top of the liner and retrieved the last scraper blade together with an element from a packer.

The experience from this fishing operation clearly demonstrates the benefits of running a powerful fishing magnet from Innovar. Due to its extreme strength, the magnet is able to catch and hold all different shapes and heavy objects, even on a small surface area. The result of a single run with the Magnum Fishing Magnet is a significant decrease of rig time, saving time and cost for the operator. 

Innovar and regional partner Asia Offshore Solutions (AOS), will continue our efforts of supplying high-quality wellbore cleaning and fishing products to the Southeast Asia region. Please contact Innovar at or AOS at for more information.
Case study:


  • Recover 3 casing scraper blades at 3.2 kg each and 5 springs in 9 5/8 csg.
  • Unknown location in the well of the 3 pieces


  • Mobilized a 8.300-in Magnum Fishing Magnet with airfreight from Norway
  • Fished 3 scraper blades and 5 springs on two runs


  • Low risk
  • Quick mobilization
  • Easy to run
  • Reduced rig downtime