Innovar magnets recover 28 lbs. of swarf and saves operator $40,000.00
Operator saves cost with Innovar magnets run on Slickline, (instead of running Coil Tubing for wellbore cleaning).
Location: Greater Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
Hilcorp Alaska, LLC operating in Greater Prudhoe Bay (Alaska) is faced with a field consisting of high inclination well profiles, extended well depths and challenges with swarf.

Normally, Hilcorp has deployed Coil Tubing for wellbore cleaning, but with the use of two 3,50” Modular X Wing® (MX100 model) magnets from Innovar, Hilcorp can now use Slickline for cleaning. This significantly simplifies operation & saves cost.
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Picture: Hilcorp Alaska, LLC

With well inclination between 56-81 degrees, Hilcorp have to run Coil Tubing units to pull jet pumps and ESP TTC pumps, perform gauge and cleanouts of laterals from depths ranging from 4,500 to 19,000 ft. As Coil Tubing is run in and out of the wellbore, large amounts of swarf is created. The amount of swarf left in the well can damage the pack-offs of the coil tubing units and plug up water flood regulating valves, GLVs and jet pumps.
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Picture: Hilcorp Alaska, LLC

2 x mx 100 pelicase 1650

Picture: Innovar Solutions AS

On their last job, Hilcorp ran in and cleaned out with Slickline using the Innovar MX100 magnets and recovered 28 lbs. of swarf. With the amount of swarf recovered from the cleaning run, a packer was deployed without any issues to target setting depth. Using Slickline saves Hilcorp around $40,000.00 compared to cleaning with Coil Tubing.

Feel free to contact us at for further information regarding our Modular X Wing® magnets or other Innovar tools.
Case study:
  • Challenge:
    • Swarf issues in the well
    • Extended well depths
    • High inclination well profiles
  • Solution:
    • Wellbore cleaning with Slickline, running two 3,50” Modular X Wing® magnets from Innovar
  • Benefit:
    • Low cost wellbore cleaning with Slickline
    • Reduced rig time
    • 28 lbs. of swarf recovered on previous job
    • Saves operator $40,000.00


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