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The Innovar Magnets

The Innovar Fishing Magnum Magnet® and X-Wing® debris magnet are used to retrieve any type of debris with magnetic properties. 

A Innovar Magnum fishing magnet can be run both as a regular fishing magnet, or as a preliminary cleaning tool.
Innovar has a range of different Magnum fishing magnets and X-Wing® debris magnets to suite most standard applications.
Innovar magnet tools are constructed with highly efficient permanent magnet elements, designed to withstand temperatures up to 170°C. The use of permanent magnet elements ensure a constant magnetic field and have no need for electricity to operate. The permanent magnets will keep its strength at all depths, whereas electro magnets will loose their efficiency as they go deeper.
Special fishing magnets or debris magnets can be made on request.
The Innovar Fishing Magnum Magnet®  
The Innovar X-Wing® Debris Magnet


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Innovar shall evaluate inefficient working tools and methods and seek to create, produce and sell solutions that will enhance the value for the customer. Based on reputation, Innovar will grow to be the preferred supplier.
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