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The INNOVAR Jet Bailor® Patent 330997

The Innovar Jet Bailor® is an excellent wire line operated tool used for fishing objects and debris, particular non magnetic.

The principle of the Jet Bailor® is to eject and suck up a similar amount of fluids in one simultaneous and extremely powerful operation. The tool is driven by the hydrostatic well pressure and activated by added pressure from surface or mechanical force exerted by the wire line tool string.

The Jet Bailor® is more effective than the traditional hydrostatic bailers/jetting tools because it generates an extreme jetting force (in a 300 Bar environment a total of 18 990 kg is exerted on the pistons) that agitates and loosen objects and debris below the tool. Simultaneously the expelled fluid is sucked back into a fishing chamber together with the debris.

The bottom jet tubes are replaceable and can be tailor made for fishing outside or inside equipment in the well.

As the tool also ejects fluid it minimize the risk of getting hydraulically stuck.

- Achieve hydraulic functions on wire line and fast operations.
- Easy to reassemble
- Hydraulic or mechanical activation, not dependent on plugged well.
- Adjustable jetting directions to suit special operations.
The ideal tool for fishing :
- Rubber parts
- Stainless steel parts
- Sand
- Settled mud
- Loosen stuck debris

Take a look at our animation showing the principals of the Innovar Jet Bailor®


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Innovar shall evaluate inefficient working tools and methods and seek to create, produce and sell solutions that will enhance the value for the customer. Based on reputation, Innovar will grow to be the preferred supplier.
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