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Fishing Magnets for drillpipe, wireline and coiled tubing

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The Innovar Magnum Magnet®

The Magnum fishing magnets can be used to retrieve debris with magnetic properties.

The Magnum magnet can be run as fishing magnet or in advance, to remove debris that could adversely affect a tools performance.

The Magnum magnet is constructed with one massive magnet element. The elements are specially designed for Innovar to make it highly magnetic and stronger than regular magnets. With the use of one large magnet element, compared to other fishing magnets with several small elements, Innovar ensures a larger magnet mass which gives the magnets a better lifting capacity. 

The Magnum magnet is built as one piece to prevent the tool for failing. Pipe and coiled tubing Magnum magnets are equipped with circulation ports.

Magnum magnets are available in most casing/hole sizes.
  • The Magnum has an element with the magnetic field pointing down for fishing objects.
  • Magnum magnets are designed to pick-up larger items.
  • One piece rugged construction
  • Different sizes from 2,3” up to 12,1” OD and 2000 kg lifting capacity.
  • Available in wireline and tubular threads depending on magnet size.
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The Modular X-Wing® Magnet

The X-Wing® Magnets are used to retrieve debris with magnetic properties.

The X-Wing® magnet is perfect as wire line ferrous debris removal tool to prepare tool run area, or plug setting area. Magnets on the X-Wing® are directed against pipe wall, to maximise the effect.

The original X-Wing® is constructed with lots of small magnets, specially designed for Innovar, to make it highly magnetic and stronger than regular magnets.

Available in most casing/hole sizes.



The new Modular X-Wing® gives you the opportunity to run our extraordinary magnets solutions with any other application. The SR threads at the top and bottom gives the new Modular X-Wing® a greater versatility.  The new Modular X-Wing® can be used as a part of any application, or as a part of a clean up assembly with our fishing Magnum Magnet®.

Innovar's Modular X-Wing® comes in three different sizes: 3,5", 4,5" and 5,71". The modular design makes it possible to combine as many and in what sizes you want. Modular X-Wing® is compatible with most of Innovar's  Magnum™ fishing magnets.

The standard X-Wing® magnets for wireline comes in sizes 1.7 - 8.3 ", and have SR connections matching the magnet size and weight.

The newly developed Modular X-Wing® has a greater magnet mass, which makes it stronger, and more efficient at catching debris. Modular X-Wing® also has guide wheels to avoid friction when the tool is run.
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